Principle Investigator

Murat Eyüboğlu, Ph.D.

Professor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, Middle East Technical University.

email:                    Office: DZ-09

Phone: +90 312 210 2361                        Fax: +90 312 210 1261

Research Interests and Expertise:

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Electrical Impedance Imaging / Tomography (MR-EIT)
  • Magnetic Resonance Conductivity Imaging, Conductivity Tensor Imaging, Current Density Imaging
  • Image reconstruction, Inverse problem
  • Portable medical imaging systems
  • Developing new ways of imaging - practical realization and computational aspects
  • Medical data acquisition systems
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Patient monitoring systems
  • Respiratory instrumentation
  • E-health and remote sensing of physiological parameters

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